Leave it us about Japanese Entertainment!

StudioGX can handle without regardless of field, media, region.
we have participated in many projects: planning of live concert, music and movie. I hope you find this useful with such as our experience.

Why we create work in many fields?

Manga and animation are popular contents in Japan. And those contents are very closely related. Usually, animation work base on populer Manga story,so a few animaition can be created with original story.why? Because Manga is produced by a small number of staff, but animation work is produced by a large number of people, which requires a large amount of expenses.If it needs a big expense, of course they have to consider the risk in case of failure.to avoid such as risk, we turn popular manga into animation. That way, you're less likely to fail.

But recently situation has changed.With the advent of computers, animation can be produced easier than ever before.The development of the Internet has also made it possible for individuals to have their work seen by many people.In response to such a change in circumstances,we decided to create an original animation work with a small budget and a small number of people.We decided to proceed from planning to development, production, and sales by ourselves. For that reason, we handle many fields in one company.

Planning nad Development

We plan and develop the necessary tools.In order to create contents that many people can enjoy, we need tools to make it happen.Also, in order to plan, it must be content that can be developed and realized, and it is also necessary to develop demand. Planning and development, we will proceed with the project by sharing wisdom.

Product and Sales

We sell after producing videos and sounds necessary for projects and events. We produce animations, manga and music, and manage events locally after casting and selecting the venue. we use conventions and EC sites for sales, and the project be advertised at events. Effective promotion by rationally implementing the event.