About StudioGX

To our esteemed colleagues contributing to the growth and success of our company,

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each of you for your invaluable contributions. My journey from the realm of manga to embracing CG in my late twenties has been one fueled by creativity and passion. Following my studies at USC, I’ve ventured into new business opportunities both domestically and internationally, fostering proactive collaborations with companies worldwide. Looking ahead, I am excited to continue our journey together, striving for further growth and success.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Mick Kouzai

Corporate History

Our company was founded in 2018, specializing in game development, animation production, and illustration creation. Since our establishment, we have adhered to the policy of delivering works that satisfy our clients, consistently striving to produce high-quality creative content.

In game development, our goal is to create immersive worlds with innovative gameplay that captivate players. Our team is equipped with the latest technology and deep expertise, working tirelessly to bring unique ideas to life. We maintain high quality standards from the conceptual stage to post-release support, ensuring a consistent and engaging experience.

In animation production, we emphasize the power of storytelling, creating visually stunning and emotionally resonant works. We pay meticulous attention to detail in character design, storyboarding, and animation processes, turning our clients’ visions into reality.

In illustration creation, we offer a diverse range of styles and techniques to meet our clients’ needs, delivering original and high-quality visual content. Our experience spans character design, background art, and concept art, allowing us to produce visually appealing works that stand out.

At the core of our success lies our unwavering commitment to integrity, customer satisfaction, and gratitude. We continually strive to meet the needs of our clients with sincerity, delivering top-quality services.

Looking forward, we promise to continue growing alongside our clients and providing innovative and memorable works in the entertainment industry. Our mission is to bring joy and inspiration to people through our creations, and we are dedicated to this pursuit with all our efforts. Thank you for your continued support.


Character / BG Design

With expertise spanning various sectors such as anime and gaming, our services are versatile and tailored to your needs. In character design, we specialize in crafting captivating and distinctive characters to enrich stories and content. Similarly, in background design, our focus is on creating beautiful and immersive environments that vividly depict settings. Our designs are customized to match the unique requirements and concepts of our clients, ensuring creative and original solutions every time.


Frontend / Backend Development

We specialize in both front-end and back-end development services. In front-end development, we design intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces to enhance user experience. Meanwhile, our back-end development focuses on building robust data processing systems to ensure security and performance. We deliver customized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, contributing to the success of their businesses.

Unity : Java Script

Unreal Engine : C++

Maya ( Plug-in ) : C++, Python

2D / 3D Animation

Specializing in diverse media like anime and gaming, our services are tailored to meet your needs. In 2D animation production, we weave captivating narratives with expressive visuals. Similarly, in 3D animation production, we breathe life into characters and worlds, delivering an immersive experience. With cutting-edge technology and skilled staff, we’re dedicated to bringing our clients’ visions to life.

Maya software



Miarmy (Crow simulation)

What Our Clients Says

Game Development, Anime Production, CG Production, etc.

“We highly appreciate the expeditious development of tools by your team. Your dedicated efforts in crafting these tools have significantly contributed to enhancing our operational efficiency and streamlining our workflow processes. Your commitment to innovation and excellence is truly commendable, and we look forward to continued collaboration for further advancements.”

by Akatsuki Games Inc.

“Your dedication to enhancing these essential tools has been instrumental in meeting our evolving needs. We anticipate encountering more opportunities like this in the future, and we’re confident that your team will continue to adapt and accommodate our requirements. Your commitment to innovation and flexibility is greatly valued, and we look forward to our continued partnership.”

by Applibot, Inc.

“The following points were beneficial.”

The company promptly solved our problems by leveraging its past experience.

The pace of work was rapid, and they completed numerous tasks efficiently.

Communication was seamless and easy to consult with..

by J.C.Staff Co., Ltd. 

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