Rica Matsumoto

Rica Matsumoto

Birth: 30th November
Birthplace: Yokohama, Kanagawa
Skill: Classical Japanese Dances, Volleyball, Swim,Javelin
Hobby: Solo travel, Perfume collection, Wool felt
Qualification: Ski class 2, Drivers license, Scuba diving (open water diver)
Official Site https://matsurica3.com/
Company Site https://www.sunmusic-gp.co.jp/talent/matsumoto_rica/
Twitter https://twitter.com/rica_matsumoto3
FAN CLUB https://fanicon.net/fancommunities/2553

Rica Matsumoto is active as an actress, voice actor, singer, and multi-talent.
Her activity area covers a wide range including Japan, China, America, Russia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Vietnam. Her father was the chairman of the mass theater ‘Taishu-engeki’ and she was also active in the stage of ‘Taishu-engeki’ by influence from the father. And she became famous with television anime “Pocket Monster”. She played the voice of Satoshi, the main character, she sang, the theme song “Mezase Pokemon Master” recorded sales of more than 2 million CDs. And she sang the theme song “A Live A Life” of the Japanese TV’s hero story “Kamen Rider Ryuki.”This song also recorded a big hit. The theme song of the previous Kamen Rider series was singing by a man, but Rica Matsumoto sang the theme song for the first time in a woman. Rica Matsumoto is a talent one of the few in Japan.

Live activities outside Japan

America/ Los Angeles (2009), Spain/Alicante (2019), China/ Guangzhou (2018), Brazil / Sao Paulo (2018), China/ Shanghai (2018), Chile/ Santiago (2018), France/ Paris (2017), Mexico/ Mexico City (2017), Russia/Moscow (2017), China/ Changzhou (2016), Taiwan/ Taipei (2016), China/ Hong Kong (2015), Vietnam/ Ho Chi Minh (2013), China/ Shanghai (2013), Thailand / Bangkok (2011), Australia/ Sydney (2010), America/ Denver (2009), China/ Shanghai (2007)


Mezase Pokemon Master, OK!, XY&Z, Type Wild, Rival, Alola Alive A life, Go! Now! (Kamen Rider Ryuki Theme)
Gambare Wasshoy! (Original Song)

Voice Actress

★TV Animation

[Title] Pocket Monster[Role] Satoshi (lead character)[Station] TV TOKYO
[Title] Wasimo[Role] Wasimo (lead character)[Station] NHK
[Title] NINKU[Role] Fuhsuke (lead character)[Station] Fuji TV
[Title] YU-GI-OH![Role] Ryo Bakura (main character)[Station] TV TOKYO
[Title] Captain Tsubasa[Role] Kojiro Hyuga (main character)[Station] TV TOKYO

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