StudioGX – Philosophy、Vision、History

Corporate philosophy

StudioGX provide the seeds of imagination so that everyone can imagine the next world and create what the next generation needss.


Create imagination

In the 20th century, the world has made great progress. Of course, Japan is included in such development.I believe that Japan’s otaku spirit has supported such growth.In fact, today’s mobile phones were born out of the otaku spirit that made it possible for Japan, a small country, to carry a large stereo.and The digital camera installed in it is also from the Japanese otaku spirit.However, Japan has been in a slump for the past 30 years. So how can Japan revitalize itself?I think one way to do that is to make entertainment even more exciting than it is now.We believe that entertainment develops not because the economy develops, but that the economy develops along with entertainment.I believe that the future will be created not only by technology and research, but also by entertainment that excites the future.Creating such a future is the mission of StudioGX.。



  • Started business as Coxai Animation Studio
  • The first job was creating CG parts for Rogue Galaxy (Level 5).


  • Company name changed to StudioGX
  • Moved from Koganei City to Mitaka City


  • Business expansion from Japan to overseas
  • Completed production of Light Ranger funded by Sony Pictures Imageworks


  • After the completion of the first Light Ranger, the production of the sequel was canceled due to the influence of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy.
  • Moved from Mitaka City to Musashino City


  • Moved from Musashino City to Nishi-Tokyo City


  • Started free comedy live in Shimokitazawa


  • Moved from Nishi-Tokyo City to Setagaya Ward


  • Restart as a new StudioGX


  • Opened StudioGX Shop
  • Started selling data for 3D printers
  • Started video production on youtube