Our mission is to suggest what type services and merchandise should be demanded for next generations with Manga, Animtion and Live concert. I want to show you how express such as missions. Please feel free to ask me if you are interested in.


This is a list which are prepared to suggest demanded business for next generations. we plan Live concert, 3D animation and develop applications and tools. in addtion, we advertise those events and contents via Internet.


Please make us post a part of project list that StudioGX has contributed so far. those works are not only 3D Animation but also Mobile game, Visual effect in Live concert. we can`t post all project in this page. if you want to ask something, Please feel free to ask us.

Create to imagine

In 20th century, the world achieved great growth. Why?
becuase people at that time has big goal affected by fantasy or science fiction from books or Manga.
our work is to create Manga and Animaton but the other hand, it means that we supply a idea for next world.
the mission of StudioGX is to supply a idea for next generations.


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