Manga Production

These days, the amount of global manga readers continues to be on the rise. Along with this increase in international readership, there is also a significant global increase in the amount of aspiring manga artists. When I was young, it was difficult for ametuer mangaka`s to get noticed by the publishing companies. Now however, with the advent of Komiket markets and the internet, one can easily self publish their own manga works. And so it`s no surprise that we get many people from all over the world submiting requests to our company for help with creating their manga.  In this article, I will discuss the steps of manga production and hopefully answer some of your questions about how manga is made.

Whether it be SciFi, Fantasy, Comedy or any other genre, there are still basic proceses involved in manga creation that they must all follow.

--- The 3 Stages of Manga Production ---

The first and most important stage is without a doubt Pre-Production.  Many ametuers make the mistake of going straight into the production work when making their manga. By missing this fundamental prepatory step, you are essentially making your work much harder for yourself. Pre-Production will help you carefully plan and develop the flow of your story.


 Stage Overview
  • Theme
  • Genre
  • Plot creation
  • Character creation
  • Rough sketches

Initial Production

  • Screenplay
  • Design production
  • Art style

The 2nd stage is Production, or the actually creation of the manga. In recent years, it has become more common to do this work using computer software, however I will list the basic steps below.


Title Creation
  • Layout
  • Script distribution to pages
  • Development of story flow
  • "Page Matagi"
    *This is the term that means the ability to get your readers to keep turning the page, and keep their interest.
  • Pencil sketch
Clean copy
  • Inking
  • Colour
  • Screen tone

The final step is to select a publisher. You should pick your publisher based on theme, hobby, or interests. Begin researching different publishers during pre-production, so you can get a better idea of which one would be more likely to pick up your story.


  • Choose publishers
  • Check regulations for submission
  • Presentation

 The above information is simply the basic breakdown of manga production. In my subsequent articles I will discuss how how to create manga on your own.