Anime Production Costs

There are 3 main media formats in which anime is produced in Japan- television series, theatrical release, and finally OVA. Professional anime is not normally made for platforms such as Youtube or other social media sites.

For the purpose of simplicity, we will use the production cost of an anime television series as a sample budget.

In the Japanese TV industry, the time frame in which an animation series is produced is called a "cool". The year is divided into 4 "cools", with each cool of consisting of 3 months. Typically 12 epsisodes can be made within 1 "cool". Since we get asked quite frequently about the cost to create an anime, we`ve put together a table which shows actual production costs of anime in Japan.

*Each episode of anime costs close to $100,000.00 USD~

Story/Plot $500 USD
Script $2,000 USD
Storyboard $4,000 USD
Producer/Staff $17,000 USD
Anim Director $2,000 USD
Key Animation $13,000 USD
between Animation $10,000 USD
Colour Coordination/ $10,000 USD
Backgrounds $10,000 USD
Composite $6,000 USD
Sound Production $10,000 USD
Material Cost $4,000 USD
Editing $2,000 USD
Reel Development $4,000 USD
Total $94,500 USD

As you can see from the table above, each 30 min episode of anime can cost upwards of $1,000,000 USD. This amount then doubles when you add in the cost of advertising.That means that 12 episodes of anime (1 season), can cost upwards of $2,400,000 USD, and this is just on the low end scale of production! The higher the quality, (for example using veteran voice actors, or top producers) greatly increases the production costs and adds several more thousands of dollars to the total.