Manga Production

These days, the amount of global manga readers continues to be on the rise. Along with this increase in international readership, there is also a significant global increase in the amount of aspiring manga artists. When I was young, it was difficult for ametuer mangaka`s to get noticed by the publishing companies. Now however, with the advent of Komiket markets and the internet, one can easily self publish their own manga works.

How to publish your Manga in Japan

Most people might think that biggest thing preventing them from becoming a Managka is just the ability to draw well. But actually, that`s not the case! I know many Japanese anime creators who want to be Manga artists. Sadly, they are still working in an Anime studio and despite being brilliant artists, they can not get hired for Manga work. 

It is the same situation as all the beautiful girls that move to Hollywood to become actresses…but can never get an audition.


Anime Production Costs

There are 3 main media formats in which anime is produced in Japan- television series, theatrical release, and finally OVA. Professional anime is not normally made for platforms such as Youtube or other social media sites.

For the purpose of simplicity, we will use the production cost of an anime television series as a sample budget.